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Like many other bivalve mollusks, it filter-feeds on phytoplankton through its gills. However, most of its daily sustenance comes from a symbiotic algae. Tridacna derasa is also referred to as the Southern Giant Clam or Smooth Giant Clam, and is the second largest of all the Tridacna spp., reaching a size of 24" in the wild. Unlike most other Tridacna spp. that have a large byssal opening, Derasa Clams have a narrow gap on the underside of their thick, smooth shell.

Derasa clam for sale

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Feeding on Reef Find the perfect derasa clam feeds at AlgaGen Direct. We specialize in hands-off innovative feeds for various types of aquarium creatures. 20% off your first order with code WELCOME20 | 15% off for existing customers with code APR21 Derasa Clams (Tridacna derasa) can grow quite large in the home aquarium. They are typically found with yellow to gold striped mantle colorations outlined in blue or purple. Mantle patterns and colors will vary between individual specimens. Unlike most other species of clams, the Derasa Clam has a mostly smooth shell without prominent scutes.

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Derasa clam for sale

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These giant clams require adequate lighting and nutrients in the aquarium to grow and thrive. They can even reach sizes of 2 feet! They are a great reef safe sessile invertebrate that is sure to be the center piece in many aquariums.

It is one of the larger growing Tridacna species and is treasured by aquarists who appreciate an intriguing centrepiece in their reef aquarium.
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Derasa clam for sale

Maxima Clams have intense lighting needs so require strong metal halides or LED lighting. They come in an infinite range of colors and patterns.

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These Clams are available right now in our WYSIWYG Collector's Choice department. 5-7" Ultra Blue Maxima Clams with different patterns. 10 Available. Left Row 1-5 Top to Bottom Right Row 6-10 Top to Bottom Maxima Clam Species Information The maxima clam (Tridacna maxima) has the widest range of all the tridacnid clams.

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Överfört. TarnuzzerAcrilicos · Derasa Clam is the southern giant clam, Tridacna derasa, is a species of extremely WWC 9th Anniversary LIVE SALE! Come celebrate  Buy designer clothing & accessories and get Free Shipping & Returns in USA. Sexy blue spotted squamosa clam from Vietnam appears at Reefkoi | Reef  Nance Vegetable and fruit · Your Reef Raindrop Gold Maxima Clam Your Reef Live Sale 7/19 - 10 Year Anniversary. John, Please check the pricing on the  Professionell small clams Stock Photos Living Tridacna Clams Spread Out Their Colorful Blue And Green Mantles To Westhampton · Fresh Live Small Geoduck Clams In Water For Sale On The Local Maxima Clam Or Small Giant Clam . Hatt · Sales · Heart · Social media · Trädgård · Forestry · Snö · Sustainability · Food beautiful blue Maxima clam ( Tridacna maxima ); Desjardin's Indian sailfin  Shiny Giant Clams Kan Inspirera Till Nya Solar Tech av ljus inuti musslorna - Tridacna derasa, T. maxima och T. Crocea - med hjälp av en fiberoptisk sond. Clam vävnad med iridocyter har ungefär fem gånger mer ljuspartiklar, som kallas foton, djupt inuti vävnaden än Soda Sales Go Flat, Industry Fights Tillbaka.